How I Failed When Building My Startups !

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Thinking outside the box took me to build more than one startup and my ultimate goal was to convince an investor to invest in my startup  , so i decided to list down my mistakes for you to avoid them and start building your startup company the right way . Here’s some tips on how to start your company:

1- Focus On Building

The first thing that you need to do is to start building your business, so forget about networking for now because  the VC’s job is to meet a lot of people and learn about what everyone is working on and your job is to build a successful business.

2- Divide and Conquers

Start small by dividing your large tasks into small tasks this way instead of spending time working on a big project without completing , you can divide it to small tasks . Divide large project in smaller tasks listing dependencies and deadline. Keep dividing them further till you reach a task that can be accomplished in a single time block of say 30 minutes. Some of the examples of these tasks are write a proposal to the client, call suppliers if you are into marketplace , prepare financial plan , etc.

3- Failure Is Not The End

Failure is your big asset  , As a startup company with little margin, errors is common but its something you try your best to avoid , it is critical to catch failing when it starts to avoid huge loses. But sometimes it’s hard to know if you are failing or not .

If you know in your heart what you are doing is wrong thats the warning sign telling you to stop or to change your way of doing things and make sure every step and every failure is an assets that will help you when you grow up .

Remembering failures helps build your company’s culture and strengthens its ability to learn from them.

4- It’s Not Personal

Ask yourself why you’re doing this and ask your audience what is missing in order for you to build something that people need or to help solving a problem .

5- Overcome Perfection

Forget about perfection because you cant perfect everything its not all-or-nothing attitude for example I haven’t figured out my logo yet. I can’t make business cards without a logo. I can’t go to an event without business cards. I guess I’ll just stay home.

6- Get Help

It’s better to ask for help if you are looking for a programmer or a designer or a professional writer . You can just ask your friends or a freelancer to finish the job that way it will save your time and make you focus on another tasks .

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