TOP 3 Reasons Your Website Visitors aren’t Buying

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Is your website generating traffic, but not sales? Here are 3 reasons your marketing efforts are working against you, and how to fix them easily.

1. Browsers but Not Yet Shoppers

Your website attracts people who are at the very beginning of their buying cycle. These visitors will not convert to buyers simply because they are not ready. Give them information about their choices and encourage them to leave their email address in exchange for something of value. By sending automated emails which are aimed to act as an reminder them to buy, you can in term convert most browsers into buyers.

2. Your offers aren’t appealing

Crafting a compelling offer is one thing, but it may not be relevant for your audience. If you see traffic patterns that indicate that visitors are arriving on your landing pages and bouncing, there’s a good chance they aren’t connecting with your offer. High-converting landing pages include a strong call-to-action tailored to the visitors’ preferences.

3. Prices not clearly communicated

More than 50% of shoppers leave a website because they weren’t presented with the unexpected costs. However, the good news is you can convert effortlessly those people by ensuring your products quality, costs, and discounts are quickly communicated, engaging shoppers who are less price conscious.

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