Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Twitter

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Nobody can deny the importance of social media in today’s society.  Brands must be on there to make an impact. Usage is increasing by the day.

Let’s get into 5 ways to use Twitter to grow your business, traffic and sales.

Advanced Twitter

Let’s start with the most important strategy. You need to build relationships with your prospects. One tool that has been highly effective for a number of entrepreneurs is the Advanced Twitter search feature.

It’s very powerful and useful to see what your competitors and doing and you can learn from their strategy and adopt some in your business .

Increase Engagement

Another key component of Twitter marketing is engaging followers in your brand. Take the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show. It targeted potential fans around the world to encourage customers to follow the fashion brand and to learn about the fashions coming down the runway.

Build Your Twitter Followers

If your Twitter followers are engaged and well targeted, increasing their number can benefit your business.

The entire campaign generated 460 million organic impressions and resulted in over 4,000 followers per day during the fashion show.

The long-term benefit can be seen in how Tommy Hilfiger turned these followers into clients.

Identify Influencers and Engage with Them

When you engage with influencers — you’re creating the opportunity to gain more followers, more engagement and more traffic to your website.

If somebody is an influencer in your field, they already have the audience you want!

So building great relationships can pay dividends.

Use the Right Hashtags

Did you know that tweets containing 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or more?

It can be tempting to squeeze every hashtag you can think of into a tweet to attract attention — but it seems that’s a really bad idea!

This means you have to be careful and narrow down your hashtag choice to 1 or 2 per tweet (if you were using more than this).

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